Students who have attained second-year status in the BEng program (as defined in the Academic Regulations and Requirements for the Bachelor of Engineering Degree found in the Undergraduate Calendar) can apply for a change of program.

The majority of change of program requests are reviewed annually at the Faculty Change of Program Committee meeting, typically held in June. The number of spaces open in each program is determined following the university’s Academic Performance Evaluation conducted annually after the Winter Term.

As not all programs are full at the second-year level, program change applications submitted after the June meeting are considered on a case-by-case basis. The same minimum CGPA requirements are applied to these requests.

Eligible students are encouraged to submit their Change of Program Applications during the first two weeks of May.

NOTE:  Should you be approved to change programs, you will be subject to the rules, regulations and requirements of your new calendar year.  This means you will need to review/research the program requirements for the year you are admitted to the new program and not from your year of admission. For example, if you were admitted to mechanical engineering in fall 2010 but changed to software engineering program for fall 2012, you follow the calendar for fall 2012.  For questions, please contact the Associate Dean’s Office.

For general information on the process for applying to change your program, please refer to the Registrar’s Office Change of Program Elements.