To be acceptable for inclusion in your degree, a complementary studies elective (CSE) must generally:

  • be 3 hours of lecture per week
  • deal with the “thought processes and methodologies of the arts and social sciences”
  • include an evaluation of written material, such as an essay or a paper (not part of an exam)
  • not have multiple-choice format exams

Registration in Online sections of any course is NOT ACCEPTABLE, regardless of posted lists.

Fall/Winter 2017/2018 Acceptable Complementary Studies Electives List

Access to courses on the list is up to the discretion of the department offering the course and is not guaranteed.  It may depend on space availability and the satisfaction of other requirements, for example upper-year standing and course prerequisites. If you are unable to register in a specific course you should fill in the Override Request Form on Carleton Central.

(If you are unable to view this list please contact our office at 613-520-4067 and we will provide the information to you).

Note: Other Arts and Social Science courses that you have taken in the past, that meet the criteria above, may be used to fulfill these requirements. To seek the permission of the Faculty for a course that is not listed, please visit Academic Support at 2090 Minto Centre.