All BEng students are required to take ECOR 4995 – Professional Practice course in the winter term of their final year.  Because this course prepares students for the engineering profession and is based on the knowledge and experiences of students up-to and including 4th year, students are not permitted to take it until they have almost completed their degree. This course requires 4th-year status.

This course is now online.  Here are the details about how to access the course website once you are registered:

  1. Go to CULearn
  2. Login with your Username and Password
  3. Navigate to ECOR 4995
    (On the opening page go to “Announcements” for a welcome message and details about Week #1.)
  4. Lectures will not be posted until after January 6th

Students must register in the correct section of ECOR 4995 based on their program as follows:

ECOR 4995A – Civil, Environmental & Architectural, Conservation & Sustainability Engineering
ECOR 4995B – Electrical, Engineering Physics & SREE A Engineering
ECOR 4995C – Aerospace, Biomedical & Mechanical, Mechanical and SREE B Engineering
ECOR 4995D – Biomedical & Electrical, Computer Systems, Communications, Software Engineering