Elsie MacGill Learning Centre

Please note: EMLC services will resume in early September when the Fall 2020 term begins, all services will be delivered virtually.

The Elsie MacGill Learning Centre (EMLC) is focused on furthering students understanding and comprehension in their engineering studies, and provides students with the academic support they need to achieve their learning goals.

Whether you have a quick question, want to review a solution, or just need a fresh explanation of content that was covered in class; our Engineering scholars are here to help with your ECOR and first-year math and science courses.

For service details, please contact our team at EMLC@carleton.ca.

Mastering Math Review Videos for First Year Engineering

This summer the EMLC has created a free math review video series, to help all new Engineering students prepare for first year courses by refreshing their memory and practicing key math concepts before classes start in September. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view these videos as they’re released.