Late Registration Procedure

Engineering students are expected to complete their registration before the first day of classes.  If a student does not register for a course by the University’s registration deadline, they can submit a petition for late registration. These forms are made available by the Registrars Office to allow students to request access to a course due to reasons outside of their control, which has affected their ability to register in courses. Before submitting a late registration form, students must ensure that:

  • They are otherwise eligible to register
  • The course is required for their program
  • They understand that a professor’s or departmental approval for late registration does not guarantee that a late registration petition will be granted.

Late registration requests must be submitted to the Engineering Academic Support Office no later than 3 business days after the registration deadline of the current term. Petitions submitted after this date will be denied. Requests for late registration will only be considered one time during the course of a students degree, after which, requests will not be granted.

Any questions regarding late registration should be addressed with the Academic Support Office, 2090 Minto Centre.