Five Faculty of Engineering and Design Teaching Excellence Awards may be given each year.

These awards are designated to full-time faculty members, full-time instructors, and contract instructors teaching in the Faculty of Engineering and Design, with at least one award designated for contract instructors. These awards are to recognize and celebrate excellence in teaching. Each of these awards will consist of a $1,500 cash award.

Criteria for the Award

Excellence in teaching may be demonstrated by any of the following criteria:

  • curricular development,
  • formal teaching evaluations,
  • successful innovation in curriculum or classroom instruction, and
  • consistency in teaching excellence over time and across courses.


Nominations may come from Chairs and Directors, faculty, or colleagues. Nominees will be contacted by the Office of the Dean of Engineering and Design to ask if they wish to stand for the award. Faculty may self-nominate. Anonymous nominations will not be considered.

Application Package

In addition to the completed application/nomination cover form, applicants and nominees (once confirmed that they will stand for the award) must provide:

  • a short (two page maximum) document that outlines the nature of teaching excellence by the applicant/nominee,
  • teaching philosophy statement written by the nominee,
  • other relevant materials including teaching scores that support the application (maximum three pages). Note that while it is appropriate to include student comments submitted as part of the teaching evaluation process where relevant, applicants are not encouraged to solicit letters from students.

Procedures and Selection Committee

Applications/nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, by October 31. Award selection for the Teaching Excellence Award will be done by the faculty promotion committee. The award winners will be announced at an event in the spring.

Past Winners

Past winners of a Faculty of Engineering and Design Teaching Excellence Award are eligible to re-apply five years after receipt of their previous award.