Carleton Engineering Robotics Clubs

The Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Carleton University Robotics Club host workshops for local high school students to explore programming for autonomous cars.

Using small 3PI robots, students create code that enables the robot to follow a meandering line—the first step in driving a “road.”Two girls programming robotic cars Autonomous vehicles, like Google’s proposed driverless car, are the next big thing in robotics.

The complexity of creating a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and navigating through it requires savvy computer and systems engineering.

This introduction to programming autonomous vehicles will help high school robotics club members prepare for First Robotics and Vex competitions, and might inspire future engineers.

Students work in teams of two to program and test drive an autonomous robot. Teachers must register their teams of students online (see below) and are responsible for parental consent and transportation to Carleton.

Email us for upcoming robotics sessions!