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Webinar: Remote Learning & Resources

This special webinar will provide you with an update on Carleton’s Engineering programs, what to expect in first year and the supports available for online learning. You will also hear from some of our professors and learn more about the vibrant Carleton community and life in Ottawa. This session will conclude with a live Q&A.

This event has now passed, watch the recording below.

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Talk to a Recruiter

Connect with our Outreach Team and get to know the Engineering and Design community by learning more about our programs and resources. We can answer all your questions about what you can expect when you become a future Raven! 


Meet with us!

Hannah Sheridan

B.Eng/19 Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering  

I was able to enhance both my teamwork and time management skills by engaging in different communities around Ottawa and Carleton. In a typical week, I attended classes, labs, worked part time and played hockey, soccer and volleyball every semester of my university career.

Nikhitha Gajudhur

B.Eng/18 Aerospace Engineering  

Being an international student, the best part of my first year was being able to learn about Canadian culture and explore the City of Ottawa. From learning how to skate on the Canal (a 2 min walk from residence) and grabbing beavertails downtown, to going to hockey games and visiting Parliament Hill.   

Kyra Bloomfield

B.Eng/19 Biomedical and Electrical Engineering 

Getting involved in clubs was a great way for me to develop soft skills like leadership and teamwork to build up my resume for co-op jobs and my future career. In my final year at Carleton I was the President of the Biomedical Engineering Society, and a General Manager at the Engineering Lounge.

James Diak

Graduate Studies Recruiter

As a graduate student, I conducted advanced independent research in a state-of-the-art laboratory. I was also able to improve my teaching skills as a teaching assistant and contract instructor.

Summer Orientation

The CU 1001 program hosted by the Student Experience Office (SEO) is a free online bundled mini course experience that provides new students with a focused introduction to the Carleton community and prepares you for your journey as a future Raven. We highly encourage all incoming students to actively participate as the first step in their transition.

Student Experience

Hear from some of our current students and recent graduates about their experience in Carleton Engineering and Design programs and the student life through clubs and societies


Clubs & Societies

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