Generous—that’s how I have often described you. —Thoughtful, creative, and engaged, too, of course, but I always come back to generous. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, your insights, your words, your time. It has been a privilege and such a pleasure to work with you, whether as instructor or faculty advisor. I’m always just an e-mail away, and I would love for you to keep in touch.

Under other circumstances, faculty members would already have been able to congratulate you in person, but please know that my colleagues and I have been thinking of you. I held you all in high esteem before we had to navigate our way through a very challenging end of term. That experience just proved how awesome you are. You made it through, and that is impressive, in and of itself. Never diminish that fact.

Do take the time to take stock of your many achievements and to celebrate your successful completion of your undergraduate degree. You have so many individual talents, but you are also such generous community members. Congratulations!

All best wishes,
Susan Birkwood