Please note that courses will only run if they reach a minimum of twenty students. Students will be notified via Carleton email if a course in which they are registered is cancelled. We will endeavour to notify students of any cancellations as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Course syllabi – preliminary and full – are posted as they become available.

  • The course offerings and instructors listed below are subject to change.
  • The syllabi below are preliminary and are provided to assist with course selection. Syllabi are posted as they are received. Final syllabi will be posted by the Undergraduate Calendar Deadline.
  • All fourth year courses are in a seminar style unless otherwise stated.

Early Summer Courses (May – June)

ENGL 2301 A Literatures and Cultures 500-1500 K. Griggs
ENGL 2903 A Writing Fiction* N. Bozak
ENGL 3500 A Literatures and Cultures 1700-1900 P. Whiting
ENGL 4709 A Studies in American Literature II F. Nudelman
ENGL 4115 A/ ENGL 5901 S Culture & the Text R. Norris

* To register in ENGL 2903A: Writing Fiction, students must submit a registration override request. Once the override has been submitted, students will receive detailed instructions on how to submit a writing sample. Please see the Guidelines for the writing sample.

Late Summer Courses (July – August)

ENGL 2100 A Topics in Popular Culture P. Walton
ENGL 2302 A Literatures and Cultures 1500-1700 M. Rooney
ENGL 3501 A Lit. and Cultures 1900-Now E. Post
ENGL 4115 B / ENGL 5900 S Culture & the Text S. Brouillette
ENGL 4609 A / ENGL 5606 Global Stages and Theories: Transnational Theatre