In Climate Change, Interrupted: Representation and the Remaking of Time, published in November 2022 by Stanford University Press, Professor Barbara Leckie argues that linear, progress-inflected temporalities are not adequate to a crisis that defies their terms. Instead, this book advances a theory and practice of interruption to rethink prevailing temporal frameworks. At the same time, it models the anachronistic, time-blending, and time-layering temporality it advances. In a series of experimental chapters informed by the unlikely trio of Walter Benjamin, Donna Haraway, and Virginia Woolf, Leckie reinflects and cowrites the traditions and knowledges of the long nineteenth century and the current period in the spirit of climate action collaboration.

Professor Leckie is a faculty member in English and Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture. She helped to create the new Collaborative Specialization in Climate Change and is also a founding member of the Carleton Climate Commons Working Group. The Collaborative Specialization is a new interdisciplinary graduate program that includes the humanities, the sciences, engineering, business, and public policy; the specialization is open to M.A. students in a number of disciplines, including English.