A number of awards for poetry and essay-writing are awarded annually to undergraduate students.  The poetry awards involve open competitions in which students are invited to submit their work.  The winners of the essay contests are chosen from among a pool of exceptional essays submitted by instructors in the Department of English at the end of each academic year.

Lilian I. Found Award for Poetry

This Award is offered annually for the best unpublished poem of 50 lines or less by an undergraduate student currently enrolled at Carleton. The donor is the late Mrs. Lilian. I. Found, who endowed the Award in 1950, and was the convener of the Ottawa Poetry Group and Canadian Poetry Contest in the 1940s. Details may be obtained from the Creative Writing Hub.

George Johnston Poetry Awards

Three prizes are awarded annually for the best unpublished poem (up to 5 poems may be submitted, not to exceed 250 lines) submitted by full or part-time students currently enrolled at Carleton. The late George Johnston, was a distinguished Canadian poet, professor, and founding member of the English Department at Carleton. His colleagues originally established this prize in his honour in 1992. An independent judge from Ottawa’s poetry community selects all award winners annually. Details may be obtained from the Creative Writing Hub.

Wilgar Memorial Award in English

This book prize is awarded to a Carleton University undergraduate who has shown excellence in essay-writing. The Wilgar was established 1951, in memory of the late W.P. Wilgar, Assistant Professor of English at Carleton University, 1948-50.

Charles Haines Memorial Prize

The Charles Haines Memorial Prize is awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of English, to the student writing the best essay on drama or theatre criticism.  It was endowed in 1998 by friends, colleagues and former students to honour Professor Haines.

Thomas Henry Hartman Award in Humorous Writing

The Hartman Prize is awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of English, to the undergraduate student submitting the best essay that either demonstrates a flair for humorous or satirical writing, or is a study of a writer whose work is satirical or humorous. Established by Mrs. Betty Hartman in 2006, the purpose of the competition is to encourage interest in writing of this nature, and to honour the lifelong contributions of Thomas Henry Hartman to work that makes people laugh.

Rosemarie A. Hoey Award in English

Established in 1995, this award is given annually in the Spring, at the discretion of the Chair, to students in first and second year courses who, in the professional opinion of their instructor, have demonstrated consistent growth in oral and written work for that course and who intend to pursue an English major, minor, and/or a departmental concentration.