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Our dear graduating students!

Your professors in the Department of English Language and Literature at Carleton send you heartfelt congratulations on your great achievement: you have finished your undergraduate studies. It might seem that this need not be celebrated at this particular moment of our collective history, but we do not agree! Our world needs you. It desperately needs your ideas, your passion, your youth, your curiosity, and your words.

In ordinary times, we would have celebrated your achievement by congratulating you personally at convocation and at two annual events dedicated to our graduating students: the graduation reception we call “Spring Forward” and the “Fourth Year Colloquium,” the conference-type forum where some of you present your scholarly work to us. But since these events have been postponed until further notice, we have decided to celebrate you and your achievements online, in a section of this page we are calling “Congratulations Class of 2020.” Each one of us will post a special message of congratulations to you. And you know us: we can’t say anything without including a quote, a poem, or a passage to analyze.

And you also know by now that we always want to hear from you: in class discussions, in essays you have written in our classes, in office hours. So, we also invite you to write to us—and each other—in the “Students Write Back” section of this page. Please take a moment to share the highlights of your time at Carleton and your hopes and plans following graduation. As Steven Heighton’s sonnet below suggests, even the “subtle metronomes” are needed in this world; indeed, perhaps they are needed more than any other rhythm. Play your tune. We are listening.

The Turn

Everyone kept referring to “the turn
in the poem,” and it troubled the poet—
she didn’t understand. Perhaps, she thought
in all her life’s work there was no such “turn,”
nor in her life itself, which must then mean
her journey was simply a homestretch—
no epic detours, colourful car-wrecks,
no fork-in-the-road crisis where one lane
veered toward a fuller life, off-map.
Well, tough.
Maybe her heart was always unmanic—
shy, but Shaker-steady. Maybe her poems,
like her mind, served more subtle metronomes—
so what? In her life no stirring, cinematic
turns, yet still her words make song enough.

Steven Heighton
From The Waking Comes Late (Anansi 2016)

Graduating Students

Mackenzie Taylor Agard Rebecca  Hall Lauryn Elizabeth Oliver
Regis Jordan Bessanh Amoussougbo Danielle Marie Chantal Hamel Paige  Peinsznski
Manahil  Bandukwala Julia Xia Qian Elise Hamilton Cossette Pascale Penner-Olivera
Heather  Baskerville Charelle  Heon Alexander Joseph Perrino
Gabrielle  Bosley Kathryn Elizabeth Herron Emilee Jade Petrie
Alecksandra Grace Lee Charron Vanessa  Hodge Miriam  Porada
Tess  Condlln-Wilby Lauren  Iwamoto Jamie Richard Pudwell
Lauren Elizabeth Dunn Kendra  Kading Emma Marie Rooke-Thompson
Kelly Karine Dutrisac Brock Thomas Kirwin Dana  Sandler
Willow Brooke Eardley Renee  LeBlanc Brittany Mae Savard
Hassan  El-Karout Kerry-Ann Stephanie Lindo Mary Megan Elizabeth Shannon
Charlotte Sarah James Ferderber Allison Elizabeth Mack Cassandra Marie Smyth
Stuart George Gardner Robyn Laura Mayer Maxine Alicia Tancock
Michael  Gaudet Brooke Elaine McArthur Sarah  Travis
Patrick  Gleddie Emily Rose Mordue Esther Willa Vininsky-Oakes
Gage  Goulet Emilia  Morgan Keven  Wynn
Lindsay Leigh Greer Ana Maria Mota Mira  Zaatar
Duvante Shaquille Guerra-Barrett Fazil  Muzammil Sara Ali Zaid

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Congratulations Class of 2020

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