As a graduate student, you must register at the beginning of each term even if you are not taking courses; you will need to register before September, before January, and before May. When you are finished your coursework, you will need to register for the comprehensive examination and the doctoral research project. Thus you will be registering in August for the fall term, in December for the winter term, and in April for the summer term. The same goes for the dissertation. After initial registration in a dissertation, candidates (full-time or part-time) must maintain this registration in all successive terms (including the term in which the student is examined) until the dissertation is completed. Completion means submission of a final grade to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research after all revisions have been made. Students should note that faculty approval to register in the dissertation is given on the understanding that students will be in regular contact with their supervisors, and that dissertation research will be actively pursued in each term of registration.