As a graduate student, you must be registered in each term (Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer) even if you are not taking courses. This applies most immediately to students who are writing a thesis or a research essay. Once registered in either ENGL 5909 Thesis or ENGL 5908 Research Essay, all students must maintain continuous registration until the thesis or research essay is completed.  If you plan to do a thesis and have the Graduate Supervisor’s approval to do so, then you must register in ENGL 5909 for your first term and every term thereafter. If the requirements of your Teaching Assistant-ship/Scholarship or student visa require that you be registered full time, either ENGL 5909 or ENGL 5908 can satisfy this requirement on its own in the third term of study (usually Summer) and thereafter. If you are receiving a portion of your scholarship money in the Spring/Summer Term, you must be registered full time (for more information on full-/part-time status click here).
NOTE: scholarships cannot be deferred to another term.