Each of the three streams totals 4.5 credits, with each course equaling .5 credits; the thesis, ENGL 5909, equaling 2 credits; and the research essay, ENGL 5908, equaling 1 credit. The recommended registration for the first two streams has the following pattern:

  • 4 courses in the Fall Term, including ENGL 5005 (M.A. Proseminar)
  • 3 courses in the Winter Term
  • 2 courses or a Research Essay in the Summer Term

The compulsory Proseminar (ENGL 5005), offered only in the Fall Term, has been designed to make minimal demands on your reading and writing time, while giving you guidance and the skills necessary for succeeding at the graduate level. This course is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.

The following table, which compares the three streams, shows the registration make-up for each term:

Stream Fall Winter Summer
Coursework 5005, 5XXX. 5XXX, 5XXX 5XXX, 5XXX, 5XXX 5XXX, 5XXX
Research Essay 5005, 5XXX. 5XXX, 5XXX 5XXX, 5XXX, 5XXX 5908
Thesis 5005, 5XXX. 5XXX, 5909 5XXX, 5XXX, 5909 5909