The directed reading is available to students who want to explore a topic not offered in the annual course selections and can find a faculty member with the suitable expertise in the area to direct the tutorial. Faculty members are not obliged to lead tutorials on topics that they have no expertise in. In some instances, faculty members may indicate their willingness to offer directed readings to a group of students. In other cases, individual students may seek tutorials on a one-to-one basis. Before a student can register for the course, both the student and the supervisor must fill out an approval form—found below—submit it to the Graduate Supervisor, and wait for the approval of the Graduate Committee. A syllabus must be attached to the form. The Graduate Committee members will approve the directed reading primarily on the basis of how well the syllabus conforms to FASS standards and reproduces the workload of a regular graduate seminar.

The directed reading, taken for one or two terms depending upon the number of weekly meetings, will count towards 0.5 credits of the student’s coursework. The reading list is a joint effort between the instructor and the student. The supervisor and the student(s) will meet at least once a week if the tutorial lasts a term or at least twice a month if the tutorial lasts two terms. Evaluation in the tutorial is solely the responsibility of the supervising faculty member.

6101 Approval Form