To get an overview of the research done by faculty members, consult the following table. To learn more about the individual research projects, please click on the name in the left column.

Faculty Member Historical Period Culture and Geography Theory and Critical Approach Discourse, Genre, Context
Pius Adesanmi 20th-21st Century Africa Postcolonialism Transnational Writers
Adam Barrows 20th-21st Century




Donald Beecher Renaissance

England, France, Italy

Cognitive Theory, History of Ideas, Narratology, Textual Editing and Publishing English and European Renaissance Theatre,  Early English Prose Fiction, European Fable and Folklore, History of Medicine, Literature and the Cognitive Sciences
Siobhain Bly Calkin Medieval England New Philology, New Historicism, Postcolonialism Depictions of Muslims and Christians, Crusade Chronicles, Romances, Chaucer, Manuscripts, Group Identity, Vernacularity
Sarah Brouillette post-WWII Britain, Ireland Cultural Theory, Marxist Theory, Postcolonialism Transnationalism, Globalization, Creative Industries and Cultural Policy, Print and Media History, Tourism and Heritage Studies
Sarah Casteel 20th-21st Century The Caribbean and the Americas Transnationalism, Hemispheric American Studies Blackness, postcolonialism, Diaspora, Jewishness, Indigeneity, Nature Writing
Travis Decook Renaissance England Intellectual History, Cultural Theory Religious Conflict, Judaism and Israel in Christian Thought, Christianity, Politics, and Ethics, the Reformation Bible and Textual Scholarship, Utopianism
Dana Dragunoiu 20th-21st Century United States, Britain, Europe, Russia Intellectual History Liberal Thought, Law and Literature, and Humanism/Posthumanism
Brian Greenspan 20th-21st Century United States, Australia Utopian Studies, Digital Humanities, New Media Theory Postmodernism, Satire and Utopia, Game Studies, Electronic Literature
Jennifer Henderson 19th-20th Century Canada Social and Cultural Theory Canadian Literature, Settler Colonialism, Race, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Robert Holton 20th Century United States Literary Theory, Cultural Theory Beat Literature, Pynchon
Sara Jamieson 19th-20th Century Canada Aging Theory
Brian Johnson 20th-21st Century Canada Literary Theory, Cultural Theory Canadian Literature, Race and Ethnicity, The North, Paraliteratures, Literary and Cultural Theory
Sukeshi Kamra 19th-20th Century India, South Asia Social History, Subaltern Historiography South Asian Writing and Culture, Colonial India and Public Culture, Partition and Trauma
Paul Keen 18th Century, Romanticism Britain Literary Theory, Cultural History Print Culture, Popular Radical Press (1817-1821), Debates about Literature, Commerce, Modernity (1750-1800)
Barbara Leckie Britain Critical Theory, Cultural Theory, Feminist Theory Architecture, Housing for the Poor, and Narratives of Social Reform; Censorship, Law, and Literature; Sexuality and Literature
Jody Mason 20th-21st Century Canada Cultural Theory, Marxist Theory Modern and Contemporary Fiction and Poetry, Labour History and Class Identity, Print Culture Studies
Jodie Medd 20th Century Britain Gender and Sexuality Studies, Queer theory, Critical Theory Modernism, Women’s writing, GLBT literature, Great War, Law and Literature, Patronage
Julie Murray 18th Century, Romanticism Britain Literary Theory, Cultural Theory, Feminist Theory History of Feeling, Politics of Sensibility, Romanticism and Governance, Romantic Interiority, Thing Theory
Stuart Murray 20th-21st Century Western Europe and North America Rhetorical Theory and Criticism; Cultural Theory Foucault, phenomenology, (bio)ethics, medical humanities, critical media studies, and digital rhetorics
Robin Norris Anglo-Saxon, Early Medieval Anglo-Saxon England Gender, Subjectivity, Genre and Translation, Historical Linguistics, Philology Lives of Saints, Mourning, Medievalism and Periodization, Human and Animal Subjectivity
Franny Nudelman 19th-20th Century United States Cultural Studies War and Violence, Documentary Representation, Race Studies, Cultural Activism
Hugh Reid 18th Century England Intellectual History, Social History 18th century book trade, the Wartons, book subscription lists
Janice Schroeder Victorian Britain Gender Studies, Historicism, Cultural Materialism Women’s Writing, Victorian Print and Speech Cultures, Popular Fiction
Brenda Vellino 20th Century – 21st Century Canada
United States
South African, Irish, Chilean, Israeli, Palestinian
Postcolonialism, Gender, Critical Human Rights Theory Contemporary Poetry and Drama; Trauma, Cultural Memory, and Testimony Studies; Ethics of Atrocity Representation; Conflict Transformation
Andrew Wallace Renaissance England Literature and Philosophy Desire, Rhetoric, Allegory, Survival of Antiquity
Priscilla Walton Literature and Philosophy United States, England Popular Culture, Media Studies
Micheline White Renaissance England Feminism, Historicism Early Women Writers, Early Modern Religious Studies, Renaissance Aesthetic and Rhetorical Theory
Grant Williams Renaissance England Literary Theory, Cultural Theory Early Modern Psychology, Memory, Fantasy, Rhetoric