The MA program offers students the chance to experience the challenges and expectations of graduate school in a collegial and stimulating environment. The program also effectively prepares students for PhD programs in English literature and may serve as a conduit to our own PhD in the Production of Literature, which is unique in Canada for its commitment to fusing archival investigation in manuscript, print, and digital cultures with theoretical inquiry into literary and social production. For those who do not want to pursue a PhD, the MA degree gives a competitive edge in the job market, whether in business, the government, or non-profit sector––in areas as diverse as publishing, human resources, communications, public relations, and marketing. It also gives an academic advantage to students applying for further professional qualifications and training in teaching, journalism, law, and library science.

Our MA program addresses questions about:

  • What people understand by the idea of literature in different times and places and why it matters?
  • The power of literature to forge communities and become a force for change.
  • How these issues are influenced by broader legal, technological, political and social contexts.

Our MA program offers three streams: thesis, research essay, or coursework. The degree is typically completed through coursework within three consecutive terms over a period of twelve months. For more information on MA admission requirements and online application please click here.

At the Master’s level, we also offer specializations in African Studies and Digital Humanities. For program requirements (MA and PhD) please consult the Graduate Calendar.

Graduate students have the opportunity to work with faculty members who conduct award-winning research in diverse fields from the Medieval period to the present. For more details, you can explore the Faculty Bookshelf, the Faculty Research Profiles, and our Departmental Strengths.

For a comprehensive overview of our MA program please consult the MA Program Guidebook

Relevant forms:

ENGL 5908 Research Essay