Carleton’s PhD program, The Production of Literature, studies the production, circulation, and reception of texts through analyzing their institutional, technological, and discursive contexts. It is unique in Canada in its commitment to fusing empirical inquiry into book history with theoretical questions about subjectivity, gender, race, and class. It assumes that “literature” is not a given, stable term, but a relational field, which produces culture in terms of identity formation and ideology and is produced by culture in terms of material conditions.

Our PhD program in the Production of Literature addresses questions about:

  • What people understand by the idea of literature in different times and places and why it matters?
  • The power of literature to forge communities and become a force for change.
  • How these issues are influenced by broader legal, technological, political and social contexts.

Graduate students in the Production of Literature doctoral program have the opportunity to work with faculty members who conduct award-winning research on topics related to diverse aspects of the production of literature. For more details, you can explore the Faculty Bookshelf, the Faculty Research Profiles, and our Departmental Strengths. For more information on PhD admission requirements and online application please click here.

For a comprehensive overview of our PhD program please consult the PhD Program Guidebook

Relevant forms:

Directed Reading Form (ENGL 6101)