All successful applicants will be considered for teaching assistantships, which along with scholarships are deemed funding. Normally, candidates with a 10 GPA merit the TA, which is valued at approximately $9600.00 for two terms, fall and winter.

A Teaching Assistantship provides PhD candidates with part-time employment for two terms each year for up to five years. It provides MA students with part-time employment for two terms in the department’s one year program.

Pay and working conditions for these unionized positions are governed by a collective agreement between CUPE 4600 and Carleton University. Currently, a teaching assistant works 10 hours per week for a total of 130 hours in the fall and 130 hours in the winter.

The TA Assignment of Duties must be filled out collaboratively by the instructor and the student on the electronic TA Management System. Although it is not a legally binding contract, it is a vehicle for ensuring a smooth working relationship for the parties involved.