Once the thesis is near completion, the student should consult Carleton’s website for the deadlines for submission and convocation. In the past, a master’s student expecting to graduate at the Fall Convocation had to submit his/her thesis to his/her supervisor, in examinable form, by August 1. The 2008-2009 Graduate Calendar states,

The candidate is expected to notify his/her supervisor and the chair of the department at least two weeks in advance of the date on which he/she intends to submit the completed thesis. The candidate is then expected to submit six copies of the completed thesis to the department at least four weeks in advance of the intended date of examination. The thesis examination and defence will then be scheduled and the date will be announced at least two weeks in advance. The department must deposit one copy of the thesis to the office of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at least two weeks in advance of the actual date for the examination and defence.

The oral examination is held in the 18th floor boardroom. The master’s thesis will be examined by a panel consisting of at least four members: the thesis supervisor, the Chair of the English department or its Graduate Supervisor, an examiner from a department other than English, and one additional member from the English department. The Chair or the Graduate Supervisor will announce the membership of the examining panel. If there are any doubts as to the examination process, please consult the guidelines, principles, and practices prescribed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

The student may be examined on the scholarship associated with the topic as well as on the argument and substance of the thesis itself. A thesis may be awarded one of three grades: unsatisfactory, satisfactory, and distinction. “Distinction” is awarded only by unanimous agreement of the four members of the examining board. If consensus cannot be reached among the members of the examination committee as to the categorization of the thesis (Accepted, Acceptable after minor revisions, Acceptable after major modifications, Rejected), the thesis grade (Pass with Distinction, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory) or for the oral defence (Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory for categories 3 and 4 only), a vote will be taken to determine the outcome. In exceptional circumstances, if the evaluation of the thesis has been met, he/she should adjourn the examination and consult with the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.