The student must submit three copies of the essay to the Graduate Supervisor at least two weeks before the desired date of the oral examination. Students who fail to be examined by the last day for course changes in the term following their registration in ENGL 5908–in most cases the Fall Term–will need to re-register. Normally, examinations will be held in the first few weeks of September.

The oral examination is held in the 18th floor boardroom on a date arranged by the Graduate Administrator. It is chaired by the Graduate Supervisor who oversees the questions asked by the project’s supervisor and the second reader. These two examiners will base their questions on the student’s written text and bibliography. Because the ENGL 5908 grade primarily reflects the evaluation of the essay, the evaluation of the oral examination will not lower the overall grade but can boost it; that is to say, the ENGL 5908 oral examination is not a thesis defense. The research essay is given a letter grade.