A full-time student interested in writing a thesis normally registers in ENGL 5909 in the first term of the MA program. The student should begin consulting with the supervisor as soon as possible. Before the end of the first term, the student should submit a prospectus of at least 500 words and a bibliography between two and five pages in length. This prospectus will be the outcome of discussions in regular meetings with the supervisor. The prospectus will provide a thesis statement, a description of the approach, and an outline of the main arguments. If for any reason either the prospectus or the student’s performance at meetings is considered unsatisfactory, the student may be required to switch to the coursework stream. ENGL 5909 is a three-term course. A student, once enrolled, must maintain continuous registration until he or she has submitted the final copies of the thesis post oral examination.

The prospectus must be approved by the Graduate Committee, 4 of whose members will sign the prospectus form. Normally, the filled-out prospectus form must be submitted by December 1st.

ENGL 5909 Prospectus Form