Here we showcase what our alumni have been up to since graduation. If any of their careers interest you, click on their name to learn more!

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Degree, Year


Suzanne Alyssa Andrew B.Journ. ‘95, M.A. ‘98 Author, Associate Editor
Cameron Anstee B.A. ’08, M.A. ’09 Ph.D. Candidate, Poet
Tavis Apramian  B.A. ’08, M.A. ’09 M.D. Candidate
Shannon Bain B.A. ’98 CEO, Bainstorm Creative
Sharon Benson B.A. ’10, M.A. ’12 English as a Second Language Instructor
Amanda Bernardo B.A. ’11 Policy Analyst, Author
David Chariandy B.A., ’94 and  M.A., ‘95 Professor of English and Creative Writing, Author
Brenna Clarke Gray  B.A. ’05, M.A. ’06 Instructor, Associate of Arts Coordinator
Sean Coyne M.A. ’04 Communications Advisor, Spoken Word Poet, Horror Writer
Bree Crowder B.A. ’13 Freelance Writer, Editor
Lucas Drerup M.A. ’15 English Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools
Olivia Ferderber B.A. ’15 Human Resources Coordinator, Carleton University
Dana Garlock B.A. ’03 Teacher, Peel District School Board
Gila Green B.A. ’93 Writer, editor, and EFL teacher
Alicia Haniford B.A. ’17 Course Development Manager
Jeremy Hanson-Finger B.A. ’09, M.A. ’10 Technical Writer, Novelist
CP Hunter B.A. ’13 Operations and Marketing Executive
Kevin Johns B.A. ’04, M.A. ’05 Author, Writing Coach
Matt Jones M.A. ’14 English Second Language Professor at Jiangsu University
Sophie Kalkreuth B.Hum ’03, M.A. ’05 Writer, Editor, Media Consultant
Ben Ladouceur B.A ’09 Author
Don LePan B.A. ’75 CEO and Company Founder, Broadview Press
Jaclyn Lytle B.A., ’11 and  M.A., ‘15 Promotional Writer and Freelance Strategic Communications Consultant, Editor, and Writer
Taija Mars McDougall B.A. ’14 University Instructor
Aaron Mills B.A. ’05 PhD Candidate, University of Victoria
Genevieve Murray B.A. ’15 Junior Programs Officer
Jody Nelson M.A. ’05 Librarian, MacEwan University
Don Nichol B.A ’76, M.A. ’78 Professor of English Literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Paige Pinto BHum ’17, MPhil ’18 Publisher’s Representative at Broadview Press
Alicia Quennell (née Farquhar) B.A. ’03 Full-time Teacher Librarian, Peel District School Board
Morgan Rooney B.A. ’02, M.A. ’03 Educational Development Facilitator (Carleton University), Adjunct Research Professor & Sessional Instructor (Carleton University), Part-Time Professor (University of Ottawa)
Janet Rothwell B.A. ’04 Writer/Editor, Canadian Human Rights Commission
Mike Vachon B.A. ’05 5 Wing Plans Officer – Infantry Officer
Dr. Sarah Waisvisz B.A. ’04, M.A. ’06, Ph.D. ’14 Associate Program Officer (Arts Across Canada & Arts Abroad), Playwright, Theatre Maker