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Organized by a professor from the English department, the graduate student reading group is a great way to explore literary and cultural theory at both beginner and advanced levels. This longstanding group is known for its relaxed atmosphere and for bringing grad students and profs together to expand their theoretical knowledge in directions not covered by coursework. During the first few weeks of classes, BABEL’s faculty facilitator arranges a meeting with interested grad students to create a reading list and to arrange a schedule for the year. Even though the reading group is not a formal requirement to the program, students are encouraged to attend this venue, since its exploratory scope will greatly assist them in developing the theoretical dimensions of their research projects, grant proposals, and dissertations.

Winter Schedule 2017

Friday, January 20, 3pm

Benedict Anderson, from Imagined Communities
(chapters 2 & 3:

Friday, February 10, 3pm

Étienne Balibar, “Racism and Nationalism”
(chapter 3:

Friday, March 3, 3pm

Charles Taylor, “Nationalism and Modernity”

Friday, March 17, 3pm

Glen Coulthard, from Red Skin, White Masks

BABEL Winter 2015 (click poster to enlarge)

BABEL Winter 2015 (click poster to enlarge)

BABEL Fall 2014 2

BABEL Fall 2014 (click poster to enlarge)

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2013-14 - Babel

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