Undergraduate Requirements

The Department of English offers seven exciting undergraduate programs. It also offers a Minor in English and a Minor in Drama Studies. Each of the B.A. Major (Honours) programs is based on two bundles of courses that, along with the first-year requirement and a range of electives, constitute the foundation of the English program.  The traditional bundle consists of three survey courses in British and Canadian literature.  The second bundle consists of a specified number of credits from a range of post-colonial courses in American, African, Indigenous, Asian, and Caribbean literatures.  The B.A. Honours programs also include a theory requirement. The two B.G.In.S. programs focus on post-colonial courses in American, African, Indigenous, Asian, and Caribbean literatures. Click here for calendar descriptions of all the courses in our program.

Program Requirements

B.A. Honours (20.0 credits)

B.A. Combined Honours (20.0 credits)

B.A. Honours with Concentration in Creative Writing (20.0 credits)

B.A. Honours with Concentration in Drama Studies (20.0 credits)

B.A. General (15.0 credits)

B.G.In.S. Honours (20.0 credits)

B.G.In.S. General (15.0 credits)

Minor in Drama Studies (4.0 credits)

Minor in English (4.0 credits)

Minor in Digital Humanities (4.0 credits)

Important Program Information

Interested in English? Course selection information for incoming first-year English majors is available here.

In order to graduate from Carleton students must also satisfy requirements of the University and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.  These requirements are described in the University Calendar.

To view the breakdown of courses that satisfy the FASS Breadth Requirements, please click here.

You can also keep track of your graduation requirements by checking your audit. For step-by-step instructions on reading your audit, please visit this link.

It is important to check your audit at least twice a year. If you need help reading your audit, please make an appointment with the Undergraduate Supervisor, Professor Susan Birkwood.