Please note:

  • The course offerings and instructors listed below are subject to change.
  • The syllabi below are preliminary and are provided to assist with course selection. Syllabi are posted as they are received. Final syllabi will be posted later this summer.
  • All fourth year courses are in a seminar style unless otherwise stated.

**Denotes a course for which a portfolio must be submitted prior to registration. Portfolios must be submitted to by Monday, October 30, 2017. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email and a decision will be communicated by Monday, November 6, 2017. Students are advised to make an alternate course selection until those accepted into workshops are notified.

First Year / Second Year / Third Year / Fourth Year

DIGH Courses

Course Course Title Instructor Term Other
DIGH 2002 A / ENGL 2401 A Digital Humanities: Theory & Method Tanasescu, C. W
DIGH 2035 R / SOCI 2035 R Technology, Culture and Society Novas, C. W online
DIGH 2705 A / SOCI 2705 B Popular Culture in the Digital Age Ozcan, G. W

First Year

Many of our first-year courses preclude one another which means credit cannot be earned for more than one course. When selecting courses, please be mindful that you cannot enroll or receive credit in more than one of the following courses: FYSM 1004, ENGL 1000, ENGL 1009, ENGL 1100, ENGL 1200, ENGL 1300, ENGL 1400.

Students are also limited to enrolling in ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020 as these courses preclude one another.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Course Course Title Instructor Term Other
ENGL 1008A English Grammar: Fundamentals Norris, R. W
ENGL 1009 A Literature in a Global Context Chakravorty, M. W
ENGL 1010 E Writing an English Essay Gildea, K. W
ENGL 1010 F Writing an English Essay Post, E. W
ENGL 1010 G Writing an English Essay Cleveland, J. W
ENGL 1010 H Writing an English Essay Post, E. W
ENGL 1020 E Effective Writing Tittle, M. W
ENGL 1020 F Effective Writing Post, E. W
ENGL 1020 G Effective Writing Scribner, M. W
ENGL 1020 H Effective Writing Tittle, M. W
ENGL 1100 W Literature, Law, and Criminality Whiting, P. W
ENGL 1500 B Introduction to Creative Writing Waisvisz, S. W

Second Year

Course Course Title Instructor  Term Other
ENGL 2011 A Children’s Literature  Jamieson, S. W
ENGL 2100 A Topics in Popular Culture  Schroeder, J. W
ENGL 2109 A Gender, Sexuality and Literature  Medd, J. W
ENGL 2202 A Weird Fiction  Williams, G. W
ENGL 2401 A / DIGH 2002 A Digital Humanities: Theory & Method Tanasescu, C. W
ENGL 2500 B / CLCV 2500 Classical Mythology Pettipiece, T. W
ENGL 2601 A / FILM 2607 History of World Cinema II Guha, M. W
ENGL 2605 A / CLCV 2010 Greek and Roman Drama Klaassen, L. W
ENGL 2609 A Drama: Modes and Movements Cleveland, J. W
ENGL 2701 A American Literatures II Hewson, M. W
ENGL 2900 A Literature of the Self Tracey, C. W
ENGL 2906 B Culture & Society Whiting, P. W Course Poster
ENGL 2937 A South Asian Literatures II Chakravorty, M. W

Third Year

Course Course Title Instructor Term Other
ENGL 3010 A The Secret Lives of Poems Wallace, A. W online
ENGL 3202 A Chaucer Calkin, S.
ENGL 3306 A Shakespeare and Film White, M. W
ENGL 3605 A Modern and Contemporary Literary Theory Cleveland, J. W
ENGL 3702 B / HIST 3907 A American Culture Nudelman, F. / McNeil, D. W
ENGL 3805 A / EURR 3002 Literature & Culture: Russia & Eurasia Stanisic-Keller, V. W
ENGL 3903 A** Intermediate Fiction Workshop Frutkin, M. W
ENGL 3904 A Intermediate Drama Workshop Benson, R. W
ENGL 3909 A / ALDS 3402 A Research & Theory in Workplace Writing Smart, G. W

Fourth Year

Course Course Title Instructor Term Other
ENGL 4115 A / ENGL 5900 X Culture and the Text Johnson, B. W Topic: Reading Comic-Con
ENGL 4135 B Studies in Publishing Reid, H. W
ENGL 4208 A / ENGL 5208 W Studies in Medieval Literature Calkin, S. W
ENGL 4600 A / EURR 4103 A The Great Russian Novel Dragunoiu, D. W Lecture-style
ENGL 4605 A Theatre Production Seminar Benson, R. W
ENGL 4708 A Studies in American Literature I Holton, R. W Lecture-style
ENGL 4915 A** Advanced Writing Workshop Stymeist, D. W