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  • Read the following paragraph and write a summary in one clear, grammatical sentence of no more than 35 words.

    Canada is generally a safe country, but it has some dangerous places. Every large Canadian city will have a couple of “bad neighborhoods” where criminals tend to congregate and locals generally avoid—particularly after dark—for fear of being harassed, robbed, or assaulted. Unfortunately, these neighborhoods can often be located close to tourist areas, and may seek to take advantage of the obviously confused or foreign. At the same time, most serious, violent crime in Canada tends to occur between people who know each other. Visitors who act confident and use caution and common sense should have little to fear.


  • The following paragraph contains many errors in grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling. Rewrite it in the space provided, correcting the mistakes while preserving the sense and tone of the passage.

    Great need is facing Ontarios education system, because many graduates of teachers’ college aren’t willing to accept employment outside major cities. High-need areas must often wait for a local willing to return with his degree. Neither the teachers colleges nor the province have found a solution, however, if there was an incentive, maybe a city teacher would give up their higher salary to move. The Education Ministry may therefore take an example from the medical profession in such an endevour. As Alex Smith recently explained: “some health-care students are guaranteed partial funding to medical school in exchange for service in especially needy communities”. He rises a good point; educators might be enticed to rural areas if his/her tuition is paid for. The Ministry could prompt rural teaching by guaranteeing tuition waivers for students that agree to work in Ministry-designated districts since whomever enters such a program would benefit themselves as well as his or her community. The importance of reading, writing and arithmetic are well known. As such, Ontario needs an education system that shall assist all students. Because none of them are expendable irregardless of their postal code.

  • The following quotation was issued in 1922 by Cheka, the Russian secret police, under Lenin. (At the time, the Communist regime was establishing labour camps to “house” those citizens deemed political threats or enemies of the state; the other method for dealing with perceived dissidents was assassination.) In a paragraph of 100 words, explain the message lying behind the agency’s propagandistic rhetoric.

    “For us there does not, and cannot, exist the old system of morality and ‘humanity’ invented by the bourgeoisie for the purpose of oppressing and exploiting the ‘lower classes’. Our morality is new, our humanity is absolute, for it rests on the bright ideal of destroying all oppression and coercion. To us all is permitted, for we are the first in the world to raise the sword not in the name of enslaving and oppressing anyone but in the name of freeing all from bondage. Blood? Let there be blood…for only the complete and final death of that world will save us from the return of…jackals”

    (quoted in Pipes, Richard. “Lenin’s Gulag.” International Journal of Political Science and Development. 2(6): June 2014. p. 141)

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    Respond to the following questions in well-written paragraphs of no more than 150 words each.