• The Centre for Indigenous Initiatives welcomes and supports Indigenous peoples who work and study at Carleton University, as students, faculty and professional services staff;
  • Human rights advice and assistance (provided in a confidential, impartial manner to all members of the University community);
  • Ongoing training and education to students, staff and faculty on human rights and equity issues and to respond to specific requests, including corrective measures taken following resolution of a complaint;
  • Establishment and maintenance of the University’s employment equity program that has as its primary goal the achievement of equal opportunity for women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and persons with disabilities.

The work of Equity Services is anchored in the Carleton University Human Rights Policies and Procedures. In 2001 Carleton University put in place a comprehensive set of human rights policies and procedures. The Carleton University Human Rights Policies and Procedures include educational and employment equity policies, six accommodation polices covering academic and employment opportunity, four policies to prevent discrimination and harassment and a policy on systemic human rights issues. The Carleton University Human Rights Policies and Procedures also includes a set of procedures for human rights conflict resolution and complaints.