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    (Carleton Human Rights Policies and Procedures – Academic Accommodation Section

Student with Religious Obligations

1. As soon as you receive your course syllabus, identify any potential conflicts between your religious obligations and course requirements.

NOTE: Contact Equity Services if you are unclear if your religious observance requires accommodation under the Policy

2. Make a formal written request to your instructor indicating the nature of the religious obligation and suggest possible alternative dates and/or means of satisfying the academic requirements.

NOTE: Such request should be made during the first two weeks of the term, or as soon as possible after a need for accommodation is known to exist, but in no case later than the second last week of classes for that term

3. Even if you are unclear as to the exact date of the obligation (e.g., when waiting for a moon sighting) you are still expected to notify your instructor of the potential conflict and explore accommodation options.

4. If your request for accommodation is denied you may contact Equity Services and request assistance in an informal review of the decision.

Students with Needs Related to Family Status


A. For Final Exams

  1. Identify and discuss your needs for final examinations with your professors.
  2. When an agreement is reached fill out and submit the online Pregnancy Accommodation Final Exam Request Form.
  3. Equity Services will forward the request to Exam Services to coordinate the accommodation.
  4. If your request is denied, you should contact equity@carleton.ca to speak to an equity advisor.

B. For In-Class Accommodations ONLY

  • If you anticipate you will only require in-class accommodations, discuss them directly with your course instructor. If your request is denied, contact equity@carleton.ca  to speak to an equity advisor.
  • For any additional needs related to family status please contact Equity Services.

Parental Leave

  • Either parent may request up to three terms of leave, which must be completed within 12 months of the date of birth or custody or request for leave for health-related family responsibilities.


Students with Disabilities

  1. Identify your needs for disability-related academic accommodations to the Paul Menton Centre (PMC), supported by relevant and recent documentation from a registered health care professional, by booking an intake appointment with a PMC Coordinator. Documentation forms are available for download on the PMC website
  2. With appropriate documentation and your input, your PMC Coordinator will formally evaluate your needs for accommodation by establishing a protocol. Factors taken into consideration when establishing an accommodation protocol are the specific impact of your disability on academic functioning, the degree of the impact, the extent in which your documentation supports your requests, and whether the accommodation will significantly compromise the essential requirements and/or academic integrity of the course or program.
  3. You must request accommodations at the beginning of each academic term. New students are required to meet their PMC Coordinator in the Fall and Winter Terms. If you are a returning student, you may have the option of submitting your request for accommodation on line via myPMC.
  4. You will be issued a “Letter of Accommodation” for each course, stating your documented accommodation needs. The Letter is sent by email to your course instructor and your Carleton email.
  5. You are required to speak to your course instructor soon after receiving the Letter to discuss how best to implement your accommodations. Please note that a 2-week notice is required for instructors to make accommodation arrangements for any in-class scheduled tests/quizzes/midterm exams.
  6. The deadline to request accommodations for formally scheduled exams each term is published on the PMC website. Click here for the link.
  7. If your course instructor does not agree to any or all of your accommodations as stated on your Letter of Accommodation, you should contact your PMC Coordinator to request that s/he initiates an informal review of the decision.

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