Accommodation Policy for Employees on the Basis of Sex (Pregnancy): Work Reassignment

This Policy provides employees with the opportunity to continue to work when faced with a pregnancy that renders them temporarily incapable of performing their regular duties. It is intended to recognize situations in which a pregnant employee’s safety or the safety of other may be in jeopardy should she continue to perform her regular duties.

How Do I Arrange a Work Reassignment?

Step One: Make a Formal Request

An employee seeking work reassignment due to pregnancy must submit a request in writing to her immediate supervisor.

The request must be accompanied by a physician’s recommendation specifying the duration of the reassignment and the work limitations or dangers if work continues in her current environment.

If clarification is required the employee must be willing to sign a consent form to release, to the Department of health Services at the University, relevant accommodation information for the pregnancy.

Step Two: Discuss Your Request with Your Supervisor/Manager

You should meet with your supervisor/manager to discuss your request and work out a plan for alternate or modified duties.

On acceptance of the request, your manager will prepare a written plan for alternate or modified duties consistent with your medical assessment.

Advice and Consultation

At any time you or your supervisor/manager may seek the advice of the Director of Equity Services and/or the Human Resources Department.

Every effort will be made to provide accommodation but there may be times when it is not possible. If your manager concludes that it is not possible to accommodate your request, he/she will meet and discuss the situation with the Director or Equity Services and the Director of Human Resources.

This guide is a general outline of the Accommodation Policy on the Basis of Sex (Pregnancy): Work Reassignment. Click here for the full text of the Policy .