Accommodation Policy for Employees with Religious Obligations

Carleton University accommodates employees who must miss work for all or part of a day because of religious obligations.

How Do I Arrange For Religious Accommodation?

Step One: Make a Formal Request

Employees requesting religious accommodation must give at least 5 days’ notice to their supervisor. In unusual circumstances, every effort will be made to accommodate where there is less notice given but approval of leave in this instance is not assured.

A list of multi-faith holy days is accessible by clicking here. Employees or supervisors who have questions of wish to verify the eligibility of the religious event or practice should contact the Director of Equity Services.

Step Two: Discuss Your Request with Your Supervisor/Manager

This Policy encourages discussion between managers and employees as to how the needs of the individual can be accommodated in this area. All such discussion require mutual understanding and respect.

You or your supervisor/manager may seek advice from the Director of Equity Services and/or the Human Resources Department at any time.

Every effort will be made to provide accommodation on the basis of religious obligations but there may be times when it is not possible to do so. If a manager concludes that he/she cannot accommodate an employee, he.she will meet with the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Equity Services to discuss the situation.

An Important Feature

It may not always be possible for the University to provide paid leave. Where this is the case, employees may use annual leave, accrued overtime leave, personal leave (CUPE 910 only), overtime leave, alternative day off for Easter Monday (CUPE 2424, CUASA, and employees covered by the Personnel Policy Manual) or leave without pay in order to meet their religious obligations.

Where feasible managers should attempt to make scheduling and other arrangements, such as flextime, to avoid forcing employees to use leave days or lose pay.

Note: This guide is a general outline of the Policy. Click here for the full text of the Accommodation Policy for Employees with Religious Obligations