Are all of the all-inclusive washrooms single stall?  At this time the all-inclusive washrooms are single stall.  Everyone can use the washrooms  therefore they remove  even more barriers.  This s does not stop people from using the  washrooms that they identify with.  Having more options open allows for many different options for individuals.

How has the feedback been from the students?  We have had  a number of emails from students, staff and faculty who are  happy that we have  more  choices in the  types of washrooms.  As stated before  the washrooms can be used by everyone and the universal washrooms again breaks down barriers further.

Why are most of the all-inclusive washrooms in the Loeb Building even though it is so far from the center of campus?   All- inclusive washrooms will continue to be added as older buildings get renovated.  New buildings will be meeting the required building code for  all-inclusive  washrooms.

When I push the red emergency assistance button will the door to the washroom unlock? Yes, unless you have manually locked the door.

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