Staff Listing

Role Email Phone Number
Director, Equity Services
Employment Equity
Smita Bhardia (613) 520-5622
Administrative Assistant Lauralee Archibald (613) 520-5622
Equity Advisor Ikram Jama  (613) 520-2600 ext 8234
Equity Advisor/
Coordinator of Sexual Assault Services
Bailey Reid (613) 520-2600 ext 8454
Sexual Assault/Public Education Coordinator Jenna Easton (613) 520-2600 ext. 7077
Sexual Assault Support Services/Program Coordinator (Part-time) Jenna Lambert (613) 520-5622
Indigenous Liaison Officer,
Centre for Indigenous Initiatives
Irvin Hill (613) 520-2600 ext. 6516
Indigenous Liaison Officer,
Centre for Indigenous Initiatives
Benny Michaud (613) 520-2600 ext. 1787
Indigenous Liaison Officer,
Centre for Indigenous Initiatives
Naomi Sarazin (613) 520-2600 ext. 1468


All members of the University community need to be able to seek help and discuss their concerns in a safe and confidential environment. Every effort is made to ensure that inquiries are kept confidential. No information pertaining to cases is shared with other people without the consent of the person making the inquiry. There are, however, circumstances in which complete confidentiality cannot be granted. Disclosure may be required by the law if there is a risk to any individual or group, and in this case confidentiality cannot be maintained. Equity Services maintains an impartial stance in addressing human rights problems and complaints. We provide advice and assistance aimed at achieving an early and informal resolution of concerns.