Carleton’s Employment Equity Census

An ongoing employment equity census of employees at Carleton University is conducted as part of our commitments under the Federal Contractors Program. Since 1988, after Carleton signed a letter of commitment to implement employment equity, every staff member covered by the Program has been asked to fill in a census form on a voluntary basis. A full census has been conducted twice, in 1988 and in 1996. New employees are sent a census form within one year of their appointment.

The census form was designed by a Census Task Force of employees and contains four basic questions. Respondents are asked to identify themselves as members or non-members of the four groups designated by the Federal Contractors Program:

  • women
  • Aboriginal peoples
  • visible minorities, and
  • persons with disabilities .

Employment Equity Census: Code of Confidentiality

  1. The census survey will be delivered to each employee.
  2. Research staff in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) and Equity Services will maintain the secured database and produce the necessary statistical summary reports, so that no one individual can be identified.
  3. No one except the research staff in OIRP and Equity Services will have access to individual employee census records.
  4. Census information will be used only to comply with the Federal Contractors Program and to develop employment equity programs at Carleton University.
  5. Census information will not be made available to any other organization.
  6. Individuals may not request information on any other individuals.
  7. Information reported may be altered or removed from the census records only on request of the employee who provided it.
  8. Census information will be kept for the period of your employment at Carleton University and a minimum of two years after the termination of your employment at Carleton as required by the Federal Contractors Program.