The Equity and Inclusive Communities Advisory Group is a body of students, staff, faculty and external community members dedicated to the strategic integration of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) planning into the work of the university. To contact the Advisory Group please email You may also view the link to the concise companion and the mobile versions of the Carleton University EDI Action Plan.

The Carleton University EDI Action Plan has been Approved!

December 1, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the formal approval of Carleton University’s new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan. Today the Plan was formally received by the Board of Governors as the final step in the governance process. This followed approval by the Vice-Presidents and Academic Research Council (VPARC) on Nov. 18 and official acceptance by the Senate on Nov. 27. Feedback from these bodies was enthusiastic. In particular, the report on the 2nd draft was greeted at VPARC with unanimous praise.

Because of your work, the university has set the stage for fairer access to educational and employment opportunities for underrepresented groups; and greater ability to engage different perspectives and experiences that enhance decision-making, improve learning and innovate knowledge production. This forward-looking and ambitious document recognizes the critical ways in which greater integration of EDI into our work and mission will contribute to the success of the university, and answers the call of students, staff, faculty, government, employers and the community at large for bold action.

Through the tireless work of so many members of our community, our EDI Plan underwent an intensive process of development, socialization, redesign, refinement and approval. Over the summer, more than 40 targeted consultations were held, followed by broader public consultations with larger audiences in the fall, including four town halls, as well as an online platform that collected extensive feedback from Carleton’s internal and external communities.

So many at Carleton contributed to the plan’s successful development. The EIC Advisory Group was tasked with creating and driving the drafting process. The Friends and Allies Group validated and refined that work. Our logistics team of Jane Van den Dries, Nancy Arnold, John Nelson and Samah Sabra were responsible for designing the consultation and related communications plan. The Office of Quality Initiatives took up facilitation roles. The Department of University Communications shaped and delivered powerful stories and digital content to stimulate the campus as well as the community at large. Our feedback reviewers, Pauline Rankin, David Hornsby and Samah Sabra assessed the reflections of the community under tight timelines. Finally, my team at the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities provided foundational planning support for the project and also offered critical guidance on the 1st draft. And there are so many more to thank. Forgive if I have missed anyone.

I extend my deepest appreciation to everyone for their excellent work under much scrutiny and time constraints. A formal launch of the plan will take place in the winter term but we are already making progress on a number of elements outlined in the plan. I am confident that our community will rally towards successful implementation and that as a result, we will become an even more relevant, successful and impactful university locally and internationally.

The work of the Advisory Group and the Friends and Allies Group will resume in the fiscal year beginning May 1, 2021. As implementation of the Plan begins, we will need your further counsel and there will be roles to fill as annual progress reports commence. I hope you will continue to remain engaged. Your support in this continuing work at Carleton is essential.

Yours in Service,


Michael F. Charles JD
Assistant Vice-President and University Advisor
Equity and Inclusive Communities (EIC)
3800 CTTC Building
Carleton University