Under the Gender Equality Policy and the Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy it is the University’s responsibility to:

  • develop and support a responsive and open environment safe for, and inclusive of, women and trangendered members of the University community;
  • promote a culture that is anti-sexist in decision-making, in policy formation and through the education of its members on issues related to sex, gender and gender identity;
  • create a study, work, and living environment free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, gender and gender identity;
  • make it clear to all members of the University community that harassment will not be tolerated;
  • make sure every employee understands the policy and procedures for dealing with harassment;
  • inform supervisors and managers of their responsibility to provide and foster a harassment-free environment for employees and students;
  • investigate and correct harassment problems as soon as they come to light, even if a formal complaint has not been received.

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