Racism presents itself in many different forms. Following are some of the ways in which racism plays itself out.


  • Derogatory or offensive remarks about the skin colour, ethnicity, culture, or religious beliefs of a person
  • Name calling, insults, or slurs of a racial nature
  • Unwelcome comments about a person’s ancestry or place of origin
  • Negative stereotypes about particular citizenship status
  • Jokes that are racist or reinforce stereotypes
  • Mocking or imitating a person’s accent


  • Written harassment, including e-mail messages, that target an individual or group on the basis of skin colour, ethnicity, culture, or religious beliefs
  • Websites that promote the inferiority of racialized groups
  • Pamphlets that espouse hatred of a cultural or ethnic group
  • Racist graffiti
  • Defacement of posters as disapproval of a cultural group


  • Physical harassment or assault, including the threat of a physical violence
  • Threatening gestures towards a person based on real or perceived difference


  • Racial bias in assessment and evaluation
  • Racial bias in appointment, tenure, promotion, and renewal
  • Racial bias in distribution of less appealing jobs, tasks, or shifts