If someone discloses they have been sexually assaulted:


  • Make sure the person is physically and emotionally okay
  • Believe what the person tells you
  • Listen and allow the individual to express feelings and reactions
  • Be supportive and non-judgmental about the individual’s reactions and decisions
  • Encourage a medical check-up as soon as possible
  • Provide information that support is available at Carleton University and in the Ottawa Community (below). Offer to help with the initial contact.Reassure the person reporting these assaults that they are not to blame – nothing justifies a sexual assault


  • “Take over” by starting to make decisions on the person’s behalf
  • Minimize the assault with comments like, Well, at least you were not…”
  • Don’t ask “why” questions, “Why did you go there?”, “Why did you let …”

Carleton Resources

Equity Services

Carrolyn Johnston, Equity Advisor/Coordinator of Sexual Assault Services.
Work with individuals to provide support and safety planning, information and community referrals.

Carleton Health and Counselling Services
medical attention, counselling

University Safety
emergency response and the reporting of crime to local law enforcement

Community Resources

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre
Support/Crisis Line (24 Hours) 613-562-2333
Office 613-562-2334

The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa
Support/Crisis Line (24 Hours) 613-234-2266
Office 613-725-2160