Hate Crimes, Hate Incidents & Hate Propaganda

A Guide for Faculty, Students & Staff

Carleton University is committed to maintaining a safe learning, working and living environment for all its community members. Carleton’s Human Rights Policies are designed to protect against discrimination and harassment based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion (creed), sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, family status and disability within the meaning of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Hate-Motivated Incidents
Hate crimes, hate incidents and hate propaganda are actions that are motivated by hatred and directed towards people or property perceived to belong to an identifiable group.

These hate-motivated actions can cause physical and emotional harm for the individual affected, as well as for the identified group and the community as a whole.

Hate Crimes
A hate crime is a criminal offence committed against a person or property in which the offender is motivated by hate or prejudice towards a group identified by race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, language, colour, religion (creed), sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

The Criminal Code of Canada (Sections 318, 319, 340 and 718) sets out four kinds of criminal offences, under the categories of hate propaganda and mischief:

  1. Advocating genocide.
  2. Publicly inciting hate.
  3. Willfully promoting hatred.
  4. Conducting mischief motivated by hate in relation to religious property.

Hate Groups
Hate groups are a number of individuals who collectively regard an identifiable group with hate and hostility. There are numerous hate groups currently in operation in Canada.

Actions of Hate Groups include:

  • advocating violence against an identifiable group;
  • asserting superiority over identifiable groups;
  • spreading hate messages to other people in an attempt to recruit members, and;
  • inciting hatred towards identifiable groups often via hate propaganda (e.g. websites, literature, rallies, speeches, telephone recordings, graffiti, posters, business cards).

What to do in response to a hate incident
Faculty, students or staff who encounter hate-based discrimination on any of the Human Rights grounds should report it to the Department of Equity Services at – Tel: 613-520-5622-Email: equity@carleton.ca The Department’s advisors will work with you in addressing the issue.

What to do if you are the subject of a hate crime

  • if it is an emergency contact the Department of University Safety at 613-520-4444); or
  • Report the incident to Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 ext. 7300 (emergency call 911), or Report the incident online at www.ottawapolice.ca/onlinereporting (hate crime)
    • Seek medical attention for injuries.
    • Save evidence from the crime.
    • Document the incident in writing. Keep note of dates, times, witnesses and specifics of the incident.
    • If possible keep material in your possession, if the material is not removeable record material with written notes or photograph it.
    • Seek additional emotional support as needed.