In order to promote awareness, celebrate diversity, and address issues of discrimination and harassment, Equity Services provides proactive education and training. Education and training workshops are available to all members of the Carleton University community. Please contact Equity Services for more information.

The following programs are offered by Equity Services:

You can also access on-line training through the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC):

Carleton University Safe Space Program
An interactive workshop designed to reduce homophobia and heterosexism on campus and to increase the visibility of supportive people and positive spaces for the GLBTQ community on campus.


Cultural Proficiencies for Inclusive Workplaces
This customized workshop is available to departments.  It will involve a needs assessment before the workshop is designed so that it meets the unique needs and situations and challenges of the particular departments.

The process for this workshop is to ensure that the learners can immediately practice and apply their new knowledge and skills to their specific areas of work.  The employees within the department will acquire the ability to perceive, communicate effectively, shift perspectives and adapt behavior in a manner that enables intercultural effectiveness.

A balance of theory and practice, interpersonal and practical skills development in cultural proficiency

  • exploring differences in a safe and positive environment; self-assessment  of  one’s values, beliefs, assumptions  and biases which impact interpersonal  relationships
  • introduction to tools for understanding and analyzing  intercultural differences and conflicts
  • to understand, adapt and respond to the universities diverse community and make a positive difference in your workplace.
  • with an opportunity for individualized coaching and feedback on any challenges encountered  and successes within your work environment

Personal benefits: an inclusive environment at work improves morale, supports team participation, builds respect, trust, and encourages openness.

Time: 3 hours


Equity and Human Rights – Faculty
This is an Interactive, two-hour information session for faculty. The focus is on those aspects of the human rights and equity policies of particular importance to faculty. Specifically, this includes: accommodation for disability, religious observances, and pregnancy; anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies; required disclosure of certain sexual relationships; and employment equity obligations.


Equity and Human Rights – Supervisors
This 3 hour human rights workshop is educational, thought provoking, and highly interactive. It is designed to promote basic awareness of supervisors rights and responsibilities under Carleton’s new Human Rights Policies and Procedures and to increase your comfort levels in responding to conflicts where allegations of discrimination and harassment arise. This workshop is also designed to increase your competency and comfort levels when dealing with accommodation request from both current and prospective employees. Areas of major focus include:

  • accommodation (key concepts, policy and implementation procedures )
  • discrimination and harassment (intervention, liability, policy and complaint process)
  • disclosure of certain sexual relationships
  • hiring practices (permissible interview questions, accommodation)


Equity and Human Rights – Staff
This is an Interactive, three-hour information session for staff. Staff at the University typically interact with a broad population of students, staff, faculty, andlmembers of the external community. The session focuses on human rights and equity policies of particular importance to supervisors, front line staff, and key service units.

Specifically, this includes academic and employment accommodations for disability, religious observance, and pregnancy; anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies; required disclosure of certain sexual relationships; complaint options and procedures; and employment equity obligations.


Equity in the Classroom
This workshop for educators generates increased awareness and understanding of issues of equity, exceptionality, diversity, and difference in the classroom. The aim is on developing inclusive learning and avoiding the creation of a ‘chilly climate.’ This includes attentiveness to gender equity, ethnocultural diversity, religious pluralism, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age differences, ability differences, and learning/teaching styles. Educators will learn ways to make the learning environment more accessible and supportive for all learners.


Customized Training and Information Sessions
Equity Services will respond to requests for training in human rights for specific audiences and/or on specific subjects. This has included training for indiviudal departments, student groups, staff groups, and has focused on topics as diverse as non-discriminatory hiring practices, creating a non-discriminatory environment, introduction to human rights, understanding the Ontario Human Rights Code, etc.


Special Events
Equity Services is committed to developing partnerships with groups in the University community to create the awareness and valuing of diversity. Supported events have included guest speakers, Black History Month, Diversity Awareness Days, International Women’s Day, etc. . Strong connections across campus help to create a climate that expects and encourages all members of the University community to respect and appreciate individual and cultural differences and generate the constructive exchange of ideas. Equity Services encourages consultation and communication from all members of the Carleton University community who are planning an event that promotes equity and diversity.


Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) – On-line Training
Learn about your rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code through this on-line training session.

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