Conditions for Authorization of Carleton University Tunnel Paintings

All tunnel paintings/images require University authorization by the Joint Chairs of the Carleton University Personal Safety Committee using the form below.

Carleton University’s Statement on Human Rights clarifies Carleton’s commitment to a workplace and to an academic environment in which the rights of the individual to equality, dignity and respect are guaranteed. Accompanying these rights are the responsibilities of every individual to ensure that such rights are respected.

The following guidelines are provided to guide tunnel painting content by identifiying specific elements which contravene policy and willl not be authorized. Where the message of the tunnel painting is unclear, reference will be made to the Statement on Human Rights, and paintings which are inconsistent with the overall intent of t his Statement will not be authorized.

There is no appeal process.

Design and Content

Images should, by word or design:

  • portray a positive image of campus life and/or Carleton University
  • promote inclusiveness and build community
  • observe the principles of respect, peace, tolerance, and trust (see Statement on Conduct and Human Rights, Carleton Human Rights Policy, )

Images may not, by word or design:

  • be racist, homophobic or sexist (or create a sexualized environment)
  • promote stereotypes of persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, lesbians, gays, bisexual, or transgendered persons
  • ridicule or promote intolerance towards any religion
  • promote violence, or the use of weapons, alcohol or drugs
  • contain abusive language that targets individuals or groups
  • be personalized attacks on individuals
  • appear larger than life and threatening

Design drawings must be submitted intact. Authorization is to the design submitted in the drawing and not to a modified version of that design.

Images may not be used for commercial gain or purpose.

Clubs, associations, groups or organizations may use their painting to create awareness of their existence on campus, but may not include promotion of their ideological agenda nor make reference to other agendas or positions adverse to theirs.

(Paint Type, Painting Size, Location, Painting Schedule, Chargebacks)

  • Only low-odour, latex paint may be used.
  • Maximum mural dimensions are 3 metres in width X floor-to-ceiling in height. (This applies to all new paintings as of August, 2002.)
  • Applicant groups will be required to use the same space as that used for their previous murals.
  • Applicant groups must supply the Manager, Physical Plant with an Internal Chargeback form frm their group to cover the cost of preparing the mural surface, including painting over their existing mural.
  • Any painting outside of the assigned space and authorized content, such as graffiti or hand or footprints, will be painted over and charged back to the Applicant.

Authorization Period

  • Authorization for tunnel images is for a period of four (4) academic sessions. University painters from Physical Plant may paint over tunnel images upon completion of this period.
  • The mural must contain the date of the painting (YYYY/MM/DD) in the lower right hand corner on site.
  • Where a group or association applies to replace a tunnel painting, the costs of removing the existing painting will be borne by the group or association.

Application and Guidelines