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Banner image for ESP/IESP Advising Bulletin: February 23, 2022

ESP/IESP Advising Bulletin: February 23, 2022

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Apply to be a mentor deadline: March 11

Calling all ESP & IESP students:

  • Do you want to work on campus and develop great leadership skills?
  • Do you want to give back to the ESP?
  • Do you want to be part of a great team and work with students, peers & instructors?

Then you should apply to work as an ESP mentor! Application deadline: March 11

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Apply to be a student ambassador deadline: March 1

Enjoyed ESP? Share your experience with prospective students and apply to represent ESP at schools and in the community as a student ambassador.

Application deadline: March 1

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Coaching during reading week

Plan to get caught up and reach ahead during reading week. When you come back, there are six weeks of classes only before exams. Book an appointment with a coach  and if you can’t find a time or coach for your needs, email us. We can help!

Got enough to eat?

Not having enough to eat is a real concern for many university students at this time of year as their money runs low. If you are having this challenge, please reach out to the Food Centre at Carleton. They have good, free food for students, and it is run by the Carleton University Students Association with your fees.

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2021 Tax Year Documents

  • Your T2202As and/or T4As (if applicable) tax receipts will be available on Carleton Central for the 2021 tax year.
  • To obtain your T2202A and/or T4A tax receipts, please visit Carleton Central (, and click Print Tax Receipts from the Registration menu.

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Exam schedule

The schedule for final exams is now available. Find out when your final exams will be held and whether they’ll be online or in person.

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Summer course information

Thinking of taking summer courses? Visit our ESP/IESP Summer course registration page for all the info you need.

ESP/IESP summer course info →