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Banner image for ESP/IESP Advising Bulletin: January 12, 2022

ESP/IESP Advising Bulletin: January 12, 2022

In this bulletin

All classes and workshops will be online until January 31st. During that time, we’ll be working remotely. We hope to resume in-person classes and workshops (for those scheduled to be in-person) in February. COVID campus updates will be posted here.

Deadline for course changes: January 24

The deadline to request a change to this term’s courses is January 24 by 4:00 pm. You cannot change courses yourself, so you’ll want to make an appointment with an advisor right away for help. Email us if you have any trouble finding a time

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How to get the most out of your Workshops

How do I access my online ESP/IESP workshops?

  • Visit the Brightspace ESP workshop (ESPW1000_) page.
  • Click on Your Weekly Workshop Content to enter Our Workshop Zoom Room.
  • Click on Zoom Meeting and follow the Zoom link for this week and sign in.

What happens in an online workshop?

Whether in-person or online, ESP workshops focus on active learning.

  • Instead of passively absorbing information, you’ll be participating actively to produce some work.
  • Individually and in groups, you’ll do activities to identify, summarize, understand, and remember the core material from the class.
  • We embed university-level learning strategies into these activities, so you learn skills that you can apply when you study the rest of the material at home, and in your future studies.

How can I get the most out of online workshops?

In ESP, we ask that you participate in workshops with your camera and mic on if possible.

  • Students report that they are more engaged, enjoy the workshop more, and learn more when they use their mic and camera.
  • Also, Facilitators can lead a better workshop if they can see and hear you.
    • Seeing and hearing your reactions helps them to better meet your needs.

If you have privacy concerns, you can set up a virtual background in Zoom (on desktop or on mobile) so no one will see what’s going on behind you. (If you have special circumstances, please contact us at or message your workshop Facilitator.)

Apply for a Winter Bursary: January 15th deadline

ESP/IESP is happy to announce that we have a few winter bursaries available. These bursaries were established to help support students with workshop fees and educational expenses.

What: This is a bursary award of $1000 for this term. A bursary is a grant that is awarded based on financial need. Unlike loans, you do not need to repay bursaries. There are 6 bursaries available.

When: Deadline January 15th at midnight

Who: This will be awarded to 6 current ESP/IESP students who are in need of financial assistance this term.

Criteria: Priority will be given to students with strong attendance and academic performance, and who have not received a Carleton University bursary this academic year.

Note: This bursary is intended for students who started ESP/IESP in the September. New January students should use the General Bursary Application in Carleton Central. Questions? Just ask!

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Apply to convert a grade to SAT deadline: February 28

The deadline to apply to convert a fall course grade to SAT is February 28. There’s a good FAQ about SAT (satisfactory) and UNS (unsatisfactory) grades here.

  • Only passing grades can be converted to SAT.
  • You don’t need to apply to convert a failing grade to UNS, this will be done automatically.

SAT/UNS grades are not used in the calculation of CGPA, which means that changes in academic performance due to the current pandemic will not affect your permanent record.

But how would that affect qualifying for a degree? 

Please see this advising bulletin for info on how admissions will treat SAT/UNS grades.

Please talk to an advisor before applying to convert a grade. We can discuss the pros and cons and how this could affect your application to a degree.

Looking for work? Virtual career fair January 19

All current students and new grads are cordially invited to attend Carleton University’s Virtual Winter Career Fair: January 19 from 10-4.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet and chat with recruiters and professionals in your field of interest, and explore full-time, part-time, summer, co-op and remote work opportunities – all from your preferred device!


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Summer courses

Curious about summer courses? Course offerings are now available to view in the Public Class Schedule. Registration starts on March 28 and early summer term courses begin May 5.


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Academic Coaching - Why not try it?

Are you ready to get the new term started? Coaching appointments are available NOW! If you haven’t tried coaching, why not check it out. Go to  Whether you are interested in setting up a system to stay on top of your classes, or have specific questions about academic reading, writing, math, or labs, starting your semester with coaching is the way to do your best. This is a free opportunity only for ESP students! Grab it!

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Applying to a degree

To apply for a program, come in and meet with an Academic Advisor.


  • February 1st: Social Work and Architecture
  • March 1st: Engineering, Computer Science, Humanities, Industrial Design, Information Technology (Interactive Multimedia and Design), Journalism, Music
  • June 1st: This is the general deadline for all remaining programs, including all in the Bachelor of Arts (such as Criminology, English, Psychology, Sociology and so on), Business, Economics, Global and International Studies,  Cognitive Science, Science, etc.

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Withdrawal deadline: January 31

The financial withdrawal deadline is January 31st. You can withdraw from courses up until the last day of classes (April 12), but January 31st is the last date to withdraw and receive a refund of winter term fees.

You need to request a withdrawal from an academic advisor either by email: or by booking an appointment (link below).

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