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ESP/IESP Advising Bulletin: November 24, 2020

We hope things are going well as the end of term draws near. With upcoming midterms and essays, we encourage you to continue seeing coaches and attending your workshops in these last weeks. Using these resources is a great way to prepare for any final exams & assignments. Good preparation goes a long way to reducing your stress levels. Don’t be shy to re-appear in workshops if it has been a while. Your facils are always happy to see you. Give yourself every chance to succeed!

Struggling with motivation?

The ESP/IESP Academic Coaches are here to help. Our coaches can help you develop a study plan, get caught up (or ahead) in your courses, provide subject specific support (math, chemistry, computer science) and work with you on academic reading/academic writing and exam preparation. Are you needing friendly, non-judgmental support for everything that is due? Go to and select “Book a coaching appointment”.

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ESP/IESP Workshop Attendance

ESP/IESP Workshops have merged – you should now be attending workshop twice a week for each of your elective courses. Workshops embed evidence-based learning strategies to help you to excel in your courses and develop skills to learn independently once you move on from ESP/IESP. Most workshops have a review component one day and a testing component the other day. Attending both is a great way to set yourself up for success!

Exam guide

Good luck on your exams! Study hard – we hope they go well! December 11th is the last date of classes. Classes are not held during the exam period (December 12-23). To check your exam schedule, login to Carleton Central and under “Student Records” you’ll find a link to “MyExam Schedule”. Questions about how exams work online? Check out the COVID  FAQ page (under the “Examinations” heading) for what to expect.

What do you do if you have to miss an exam? There is a formal process to apply for a “deferred” exam (i.e. you apply to write the exam at another time).

  • Final exams: The Registrars Office, 302 Tory, 613-520-3500. If it is a final exam (for a half credit course) you must fill out the Online Deferral Application for an exam deferral:
    • Documentation is normally required – due to the COVID situation, you can use a “self-declaration of illness” form instead of a note from a doctor. You must apply for a deferral within 3 days of the exam date.
    • When you apply to defer a final exam, you will normally write at a designated time in the deferred exam period: January 22-24, 29-31, 2021.
  • Midterm exams: For midterms in full-credit courses (such as CHST), contact your course professor directly by email.
    • You should do so in advance or at least within 24 hours of the exam date and provide the reason.
    • Documentation (depending on your reason a medical note, a funeral notice, etc.) is normally required. Due to the COVID situation, you can use a “self-declaration of illness” form instead of a note from a doctor).
    • The professor will let you know when you can rewrite (normally early in January).

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Coco and Cram: ESP/IESP online study group: Tuesday & Wednesday 5-6 pm

Work on your motivation by studying with others TODAY and TOMORROW. Join fellow ESP/IESP students and former ESP/IESP students in online study sessions. These “Coco and Cram” sessions are there to help you structure your time, get support from fellow students, and give you a space designed for studying.

This event is hosted by the ESP/IESP Alumni Resources and Mentoring Initiative.

TUESDAY November 24th  ☕  & WEDNESDAY November 25th @ 5:00-6:00 pm

Join Zoom Meeting:

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Check out the ESP/IESP Social Forum in cuLearn

Check in with your fellow students on cuLearn in the ESP/IESP Social Forum. Go to your cuLearn dashboard. Look under Fall 2020 for the page ESP/IESP Main Office and Student Lounge. Click the link to the Social Forum.

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Carleton's Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program:  Networking Event

Carleton’s Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program is hosting a networking event for Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) students on Friday, November 27th at 6:30-9:00 pm.

Are you looking to start your career, or to switch to a new career path? Yes? Then the ACMP is organizing this FREE opportunity to network for you. Whether you are a student, recently graduated or have questions about switching to a new field of employment, this is an opportunity for mentorship from those in the field. Follow the link to learn more about this free online event.

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The scoop on SAT/UNSAT grading options

The university has approved compassionate grading options for the fall semester.

What are the options?

  1. UNSAT: Unsatisfactory (UNS) grades will replace any Fail (F) grade for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms.
  2. SAT: You can apply to convert (only) one 0.5 credit fall term grade to Satisfactory (SAT).
    • You can only apply to convert a grade to SAT after it’s posted and within the deadline (more details in the next bulletin).
    • The university might also provide this option in Winter 2021 but has not yet made a decision.

Why would this help?

A SAT grade allows you to earn the credit (or half credit in this case) but the grade wouldn’t be used in your GPA. This option might be good if you have one low grade. Please consult an advisor before applying to change a grade to SAT.

SAT/UNS grades are not used in the calculation of CGPA, which means that changes in academic performance due to the current pandemic will not affect your permanent record.

But how would that affect qualifying for a degree? 

Here’s what the university has told us about SAT/UNSAT grades and ESP/IESP admission to a degree. In general the Admissions Office will consider ESP/IESP applications where students have completed 2.0 of 3.0 credits with grades. 

  • ESP/IESP students who are completing the year with 3.0 credits can be considered for admission with one credit of SAT and/or UNS grades.
    • For most programs in the Bachelor of Arts, this means you would need to present a GPA of C+ (6.0 on Carleton’s 12.0 scale) on the 2.0 graded credits. (Some majors have higher CGPA requirements).
    • Students applying to Science, Health Science, Commerce and Engineering would still need to satisfy all prerequisite course requirements.
  • If you apply to have your grade changed to “SAT”, the university will still keep the original grade on file if it is needed for “other purposes”.
    • The example the university gave is using the original grade to enforce a prerequisite for the next course. For example, to take second year COMP courses, you need a minimum grade of C- in COMP 1006. Most majors don’t use that rule, but some do – see the calendar to check second year course prerequisites in your field of interest.

Finally, please meet with an advisor if you need help figuring this out. It is more complicated because (most of) you are still working toward qualifying for a degree. We’re here to help you navigate all of this!

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Withdrawal deadline: Friday, December 11th

If you are considering withdrawing from a half credit course, contact an advisor before Friday, December 11, 2020. We can help you with your decision. December 11th is the deadline to drop any half-credit (fall term) courses. Full-credit courses have a withdrawal deadline of the end of January for a refund of winter fees and the last day of classes (April 14) for an academic withdrawal.

What do I need to know about dropping a class?

  • You can not drop a course yourself; you need to ask an advisor. Email  or book an appointment for advice.
  • For certain courses (CHEM, PSYC or SOCI), you cannot stay enrolled in the second term portion of the course if you withdraw from the fall course. The sooner you come see us, the more likely it is that we can find you another course second term.
  • A withdrawal will not affect your overall average, but it will affect your admissions requirements because you will have completed fewer credits.
  • If you are receiving OSAP, you should consult the Awards office first ( or 613-520-3600).

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