Welcome to the 1st Annual PIPR Conference

The Public Issues and Public Reason conference (PIPR) is a multidisciplinary conference at which graduate students from a variety of programs and disciplines will present papers analyzing current social and global challenges through the lenses of political theory, applied ethics, and critical social sciences.

A Conference of Applied Ethics and Critical Social Sciences
Carleton University, Nov 9-10, 2017

In celebration of World Philosophy Day
All are welcome to an evening with our keynote speaker:
Charles W. Mills
City University of New York
Thursday, November 9, 2017
102 Azrieli Theatre
7:30 P.M.
“Racial Justice”
“Racial justice” is a term widely used in everyday discussions, but little explored in philosophy. In this paper, I look at racial justice as a concept, trying to bring out its complexities, and urging a greater engagement by mainstream political philosophers with the issues that it raises. After comparing it to other varieties of group in/justice, I periodize racial in/justice, relate it to European expansionism, and argue that a modified Rawlsianism relying on a different version of the thought-experiment could come up with suitable principles of corrective racial justice.


Charles Mills keynote lecture: 102 Azrieli Theatre – no registration required

Thursday afternoon sessions: 482 MacOdrum Library
Friday sessions (all day): 482 MacOdrum Library

For Thursday afternoon and Friday sessions, please download and fill in the registration form and send it to piprconference@gmail.com.