Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Carleton University offers a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in European and Russian Studies. You will need 20.0 credits for the degree, usually completed over four years of full-time study. In consultation with your Honours advisor, you can design an individual program of study that reflects your interests and career goals.  Required Credits for the program include courses in European and Russian Studies, History, Political Science and Economics. You can choose from more than 50 courses offered by various departments that participate in the Institute’s programs.  The Institute offers required core courses for majors at the second and third-year level and many interdisciplinary seminars at the fourth-year level. For detailed program requirements, please consult the undergraduate calendar.

Combined Degrees and Minors

The Institute’s degree program can be combined with other BA (Honours) programs such as Political Science, Law, History, or with the Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) (for students already accepted in the Journalism program), resulting in a Combined degree. It can also be combined with Minors in other departments, including European languages.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program – Combined honours

Combined Honours programs are possible in conjunction with other disciplines (eg. Political Science, Economics, Law, History etc.) and are governed by the regulations of the departments concerned. However, students wishing to pursue a Combined Honours degree between European and Russian Studies and Journalism must already be accepted into the Journalism Honours Program.

A total of 20.0 credits are required for a Combined Honours degree. For the EURUS component of a Combined Honours degree, 7.0 credits in European and Russian Studies are required. Graduation regulations for the BA Honours degree in European and Russian Studies apply, including the requirements for a First Year Seminar.

Also, for easy referencing, we suggest that you have a list of all courses and their descriptions in front of you. To access this list, go to the undergraduate calendar.

Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) – Europe & Russia in the World Specialization

Starting Fall 2015, EURUS is proud to be hosting the Carleton Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) program’s specialization: Europe and Russia in the World. In order to complete the requirements, BGInS students must register in the 7.5 credit Europe and Russia in the World specialization, making the specialization roughly equivalent to a major within the Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. More information can be found at the BGInS specialization page here.

Minor Program

EURUS offers a 4.0 credit minor program in European and Russian Studies. By adding this minor to your program, you can make the strengths of Carleton in the area of European and Russian studies part of your degree.

Language Proficiency

To fulfill the degree requirements, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in a European language other than English.

You may select one of the following languages: French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish (all of which
 are taught at Carleton) or Polish. The language you choose depends on your geographical area of interest. The language requirement can be met by passing a language examination or by completing a specified third-year language course.