Artan Karini

Degrees:B.Ed. (Tirana); CADHR (Queen’s); MPA, Public Policy and Management (Pittsburgh); Ph.D., International Development (Manchester)

Research interests

Southeast European politics, public policy theory, administrative reform (in developing country contexts), (foreign) aid effectiveness, international human resource management.



Karini, A. (2019). International Aid, Administrative Reform and Politics of EU Accession: Case of Albania, Palgrave McMillan. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-97834-5/ISBN 978-3-319-97833-8;

Article Reviews:

The Afterlife Of Dictatorships: Literary ‘Coming-To-Terms With The Past’ In Post-Communist Albania. Politics, Religion & Ideology/ Routledge (2018);

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Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Karini, A(2017). Facilitators and Constraints of Policy Learning for Administrative Reform in the Western Balkans, Journal of Public Administration and Policy (NISPAcee), Volume X, Number 2, Winter 2017/18, 73-92

Karini, A. (2016). Lesson-learning between Canada and the European Union with regard to promoting good governance in the developing world. Revue Etudes Canadiennes n°79/Journal of Canadian Studies n°79;

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Karini, A. (2013). Aid-Supported Public Service Reform and Capacity Development in Post-Communist Albania, International Journal of Public Administration (Routledge/Taylor & Francis), 36:7, 469-481.

Policy papers:

Karini, A. (2018), A Reading of Recent Developments in the EU and Implications for Governance Reform in Egypt and MENA Working Paper presented at the 2018 World Congress of Political Science (Brisbane, AU).

Karini, A. (2014). The Bumpy Road to EU and the Impact of Donor Programs on Public Administration Reform: Perspectives from Southeast Europe. Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Democracy and Governance Policy Briefs Series;

Karini, A. (2009). Building Citizen Centered Policy-Making – Global Perspectives and Best Practices. Open Society Institute (OSI) Think-Tank Fund for Policy Centers: Institute for Democracy and Mediation:

Contributions in edited books:

Recognizing Values in Policing – The Challenge of Measuring Police Performance, M. Moore, D. Thatcher, A. Dodge, T. Moore, PERF – Police Executive Research Forum (translation eds.), NISPAcee/LGPSRI (2008);

Administrations in Transition: Modernization of PA in Portugal, Holland, Ireland and France, EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration), NISPAcee and OSI LGPSRI – Local Governance & Public Service Reform Initiative (2002).

Professional Reports:

‘Civil Society Index and Analytical Country Report for Albania’ (with Hroni, S., Vurmo, G. et al). Senior contributor for CIVICUS/CSI, IDM & UNDP consortium. Available online at: (2010)