Director’s Message

Dear Europeanists, Russianists and Eurasianists,

Even at height of Cold War tensions, it’s hard to imagine our region of study capturing headlines and influencing the world more than today.  From Brexit to refugees, from Crimea and election meddling to China’s continent-wide Belt and Road initiative, Europe, Russia and Eurasia seem poised at a precipice—but a precipice leading to what?  We see populism and intolerance on the rise region-wide, even as, or especially as, diversity becomes a fact of daily life.  Europe and Russia appear to have muddled out of the various economic and financial crises of the last decade.  The region, including the Caucasus and Central Asia, can balance between the hope of new trade and technology and the challenge of climate change and income inequality.  Citizens look to imagined pasts, when life appeared better, as they cope with an unprecedented pace of change.

All these trends, and more, keep us more than busy at the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS).  We act as a hub to disseminate analysis—to politicians, government officials and the media, as well as, of course, to our students.  Training young minds at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels is at the core of what we do.  Our BA, BGInS (Bachelor of Global and International Studies) and MA programs continue to attract growing numbers from across Canada and the world.  Our internship and co-op programs and vibrant alumni networks place graduates in successful careers.  This might be in the federal government—at Global Affairs Canada, National Defence, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or other departments.  Others move into the NGO sector, to employment at organizations like the Red Cross or the Global Centre for Pluralism.  Consulting and risk analysis in the private sector have also proved fruitful pathways.  And then, finally, we are proud of our alumni who continue their educational paths, through law school or, with substantial funding, to PhD programs.

Here at EURUS, I never cease to marvel at the talent and productivity of my colleagues as researchers.  For all the time and energy we devote to our students, we also actively publish and lead conversations on issues vital to our region.  I can hardly keep up with the books, articles in quality peer-reviewed journals and research grants produced by or awarded to my colleagues.  Please take the time to peruse their individual profiles:  you will see their accomplishments speak for themselves.

EURUS, finally, is simply a wonderful place to study and work.  Respect and friendship go hand-in-hand as our hallways are places for lively greetings and conversations.  We host events that offer stimulating viewpoints and debate alongside coffee and snacks.  We equally enjoy working with high school students through our outreach programs and top government officials or international scholars.  Please contact me or any one of my colleagues—we always welcome involvement into our community!

Jeff Sahadeo
Director, EURUS